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Banquet place

Hotel located in the restaurant (Xian Quan restaurant and western restaurant (Yashi restaurant), while providing orthodox Western-style food, buffet, authentic Cantonese cuisine, Shunde home Xiaochao, Korean plate burning, carefree enjoyable afternoon tea. Can provide early, afternoon, dinner, and can according to the guests need to provide Chinese style meals and western buffet service. Can provide more than 3 kinds of flavor cuisine. Can provide banquet services, etc.. The restaurant with bar and tea special. Furniture, tableware, wine is provided, activities according to the Chinese and foreign custom complete configuration, using the cloth tablecloth, napkin, small towel, tableware without damage, clean and sanitary.

Western restaurant, Yashi restaurant can simultaneously accommodate 300 people buffet, open French window design, a panoramic view of the beautiful lakes and mountains, and orthodox western and Korean style Teppanyaki pot hall, show the combination of Chinese and Western food culture, to create easy, graceful style, elegant dining environment. Provide a variety of western buffet breakfast every day.

In the restaurant, the fairy spring wine shop has two banquet hall and nine VIP room, can accommodate 600 people at the same time. Room the size of the office are to elegant retro decoration design, combined with local flavor delicate food, create a strong retro atmosphere of antique.

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