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Shun Mountain Park

Shunde "new sites" one. Located in the northwestern city of Shunde new peace foothills. Bi Gui Road turn southern East can reach. From the district administrative center about 3 km. It is set tourism, leisure and entertainment as one of the modern tourist attractions. Since 1999, the park began construction in 2004, the National Day began open to the public.

5.3 km

Qinghui Garden

Is an ancient garden was built in the Ming Dynasty architecture. Located in Foshan City Qinghui Road, Daliang Shunde, Guangdong Province, located in the city center, displace originally built by the late Ming scholar Huang Shijun Huang garden, the existing main building was built Jiaqing. Park named "Qing Hui", which means the sun shines warm, Yu parents Ende.


Desheng Square

Located in Guangdong Province Shunde District of Foshan City, the new heart of an area of 354,000 square meters, large-scale, advanced facilities, is the latest achievement in the history of the building of Shunde Desheng Square architectural style, is WM, taken hundreds of long and form their own style and architectural culture system. North solemn towering city government office building, a new area of water south axis project. At night, the brightly Jing Fang, colorful.


Shunde Baolin

Located in Shunde peaceful foothills. October 11, 1998, completed the opening Baolin reconstruction.


Bijiang Golden House

Located in Shunde District of Foshan City, North Kau Bijiang, it is Ming and Qing Dynasties building hundreds of years. Golden House ancient buildings from the mud floor, the staff sides of the first, the Golden House, Nanshan Temple, see the goal, also fishing heritage Sook, Mu Tong Temple, large screen wall and brick house, and so more than three-seat buildings. Focus on the House, the ancestral hall, den, gardens and other features, retains the dry base hit, ancient architecture oyster shell wall, brick mill, "wok ear gable" and so on Lingnan kind.


Bruce Lee Paradise

Located in the scenic Guangdong provincial tourism resort - Shunde Jun'an, Lee ancestral home is located about 1 km away from the park, "the village." Park area of nearly 3,000 acres. Here a typical Lingnan hilly landscape, the park has 22 green hills, lakes and hills, trees, fresh air, quiet environment, away from the bustle of the city, called the Pearl of the "paradise"


Chencun Flower World

Located in known as "the Millennium Huaxiang" reputation of Shunde Chencun, convenient transportation, 20 minutes drive from Guangzhou, 25 minutes from downtown Shunde, Foshan, just minutes away. The total area of one million acres, bringing together more than 300 enterprises worldwide flower, where ten thousand flowers blooming, blossomed, is truly the "Flowers of the world.


Music from the furniture city

Mainly music from Redstar, Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde dynasty furniture, furniture Seongbuk Shunlian the four main shopping centers, which are mostly to serve retail customers, but also run wholesale; to group million Dongheng, South, the East, the East-ming as the representative of other malls, at the wholesale level, but also run retail.


Every Jane Water

Located in Guangdong Shunde Xingtan northern end, koi River, water resources and the water environment Excellent. Murai around more than ten kilometers of waterways, waterway area of 28 km as much. Amidst take days, ocean waves, endless twists and turns of feeling. Away from the hustle and bustle, fresh air and pleasant natural environment in harmony, Lingnan village pattern remain. Furuya hundreds of rooms, around trees, stone trail vertical and horizontal. Trees, flowers, with one poetic.


Xishan Temple

Shunde District of Foshan City Fengshan (also called the Western Hills) Dong Lu, whose real name is temple, built in the Ming Jiajing twenty years (1541), Jiajing forty-three years (1564) built. The whole mountain to build a temple, rebuilt after expansion, now the Qing dynasty, rebuilt structure, covering 4,800 square meters, construction area of 3,700 square meters.