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Century hotel recruitment notice
Century hotel has to adhere to the people-oriented, to share the fruits of the concept of talent, the new grand view talent as the core competitiveness of the strongest, honest and effective management of the employees are the greatest wealth xianquan.

We advocate "to make a profit, for the enterprise to create value for society, create opportunities for employees of the enterprise values, respect knowledge, respect personality, pay attention to personnel and the company common and harmonious development, emphasis on communication and cooperation, pragmatic, dedicated work style, the implementation of" to enter and exit, dynamic management mechanism, building up and down "initiative, cooperative and struggle of the learning team.

In the fairy spring, we will provide a platform for a successful career for you: the vast space of scientific human resource management, competitive salary and comprehensive career development planning, a good incentive mechanism, perfect training system and talent.

Employment mechanism: a meritocracy, pay attention to the internal training

In the selection of talent, we for the job all are in accordance with the "fair, just and open" principle, the implementation of external recruitment, internal competition mechanism, give full scope to the talents, forming ability, capable, the levels were under the employment mechanism, breaking tenure of the senior officers of the annual assessment, appointment system. At the same time, we will be the personal occupation planning and development of the company together, and to formulate the corresponding training and promotion plan, to provide a broad space for the development of staff in longitudinal and transverse direction, so that employees become professional occupation.